Our story

Our belief

Globalization. Digitalization. For companies with a local footprint, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with technology. Developments are happening rapidly, and the companies that can keep up often struggle to oversee the entire landscape.

Thanks to their scale, internationally operating companies have easier access to knowledge, larger budgets for data application development and marketing. Meanwhile, globalization continues, further increasing the competitive advantage of these companies.

So far the bad news. We believe, that as a local player, you can still be very relevant. Even in the future. In fact, locally operating companies have an advantage that international giants will never have: speed and agility, in addition to a better understanding of the market.

We make sure that our clients become digital leaders.

Our mission

At Turntwo, we have one common goal: to ensure that our clients become digital leaders. By providing this competitive advantage, we give them an edge no matter what growth phase they are in.

That's why we offer our clients specialized expertise in digital marketing and give them access to cutting-edge technologies and valuable insights from data that directly contribute to the success of their business.

To achieve digital transformation, it's often necessary for us to help businesses set up their organization in the right way. We take a pragmatic approach that is result-oriented rather than process-oriented, and we work as part of the organization, not just as an external agency.

We connect the organization, marketing, data, and technology to the business strategy and long-term goals. If we ensure that our clients become smarter themselves, we can be successful together!

Our people

Arjen HettingaCo-founder & consultant
Krisjan OldekampCo-founder & consultant
Casper HauskovSr. Data & Analytics Consultant
Dennis ZwierLead Data & Analytics Consultant