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Becoming a Data-driven Marketing Powerhouse

  • Grip on marketing results
  • Improvement of conversion and volume in all markets
  • Savings on SaaS cost and legacy systems
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    The challenge

    In a world of constant change, Pricewise faced the challenge of adapting more swiftly to the dynamics of their core markets.

    The challenge? Becoming more agile in marketing and data. However, a data-driven approach was lacking, with many manual processes and inconsistent reporting. The result: fragmented insights and suboptimal decision-making.

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    Our approach

    Pricewise asked Turntwo to rebuild the data and marketing intelligence landscape from the ground up.

    Step one: enhancing the marketing measurement foundation. To enable advanced tracking and analysis, Server-side Tag Management, Google Analytics 4, and improved marketing tags were implemented.

    A crucial next step was developing a central Marketing Intelligence Hub (Google Cloud). This Intelligence Hub replaced outdated Financial/Business Intelligence, Marketing Performance, and CRM systems.

    By involving all stakeholders - from management to specialists - we ensured that the new data infrastructure meets the specific needs of each role.

    In the Marketing Intelligence Hub, we developed, among other things, a central customer view (360º customer view). This customer view allows for the management of Marketing Automation ( and (paid) channels, enabling both the personalization of communications and the more efficient setup of marketing channels.

    The implementation of (Marketing Automation) also replaced two legacy email systems and, together with the Intelligence Hub, forms the Customer Data Platform (CDP).

    Additionally, a digital marketing measurement strategy was developed to make all marketing efforts measurable, both BTL and ATL, using attribution tools.

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    With the transformation to a data-driven approach, Pricewise is now able to gain control over results and performance. The performance of all funnels, measured in conversion and volume, has substantially improved, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

    Turntwo's involvement has also led to significant savings on SaaS costs by consolidating multiple (legacy) systems into one integrated platform.

    By managing drop-out rates more efficiently, both predicted and actual, through paid channels and other marketing efforts, Pricewise has further improved its ROI and increased volume. The pragmatic, lean, and mean approach has provided quicker and continuously available insights for the business, while automated and personalized cross-sell and up-sell campaigns have become possible.

    With Turntwo's help, Pricewise now has a future-proof and scalable marketing infrastructure. With continuous insights and data activation in the channels, this serves as a strong foundation for current and future growth.

The collaboration with Turntwo has been professional and productive. Their extensive knowledge of data, tools, and technology has helped us solve complex challenges and regain control over our performance. They have a thorough understanding of our business and needs, ensuring that the solutions implemented by Turntwo perfectly align with our requirements and directly contribute to our results.

Turntwo's structured approach, without unnecessary overhead and bureaucracy, has ensured that we achieved results quickly. I wholeheartedly recommend Turntwo to other organizations seeking a similar transformation.

Hans de Kok(Founder)

Partners & technology

Google Cloud Platform, a cloud computing platform where we specialize in the data and analytics products.
Airbyte, an innovative open-source data integration platform that enables seamless and efficient data syncing from various sources.
The industry-leading analytics tool.
Microsoft's robust and flexible cloud computing platform, where we focus on data and analytics services.