Building a future-proof marketing organization

A future-proof marketing team that acts on data-driven insights.

The challenge

Elho is the market leader in plastic flowerpots and garden accessories such as rain barrels and watering cans in the Benelux region. Traditionally, Elho only supplies to garden centers and hardware stores, not directly to consumers.

Recently, Elho has cautiously started selling directly to consumers through marketplaces such as bol.com, Amazon, and its own webshop. Elho has asked Turntwo to evaluate the current approach and advise on how Elho can be organized more robustly and prepared for accelerated growth.

The approach

We have ensured that elho is well prepared for significant growth in online channels. Based on their ambitions, we created a blueprint of the organization, roles, KPIs, and responsibilities within the team, both for the current situation and for future growth. To achieve the desired success, Turntwo introduced a new way of working that provided clarity to the team while also giving team members ample room, autonomy, and responsibility.

Additionally, we assisted elho in implementing an integrated marketing data hub that provides useful insights in the form of dashboards. This includes the entire funnel of advertising and profile data, mainly from Google and Amazon advertising, conversion on their own sales platforms (marketplaces and webshops), and data from the customer support system.


Our collaborative approach has ensured that elho is ready for the digitalization of their marketing platforms to directly serve the consumer market. Additionally, Turntwo has made it easier for team members to maintain focus and work together towards quarterly objectives.

In my opinion, Turntwo distinguishes itself by speaking the language of digital professionals combined with a deep understanding of the digital domain.

Team members recognize the expertise and are happy to be guided and supported to achieve success together, thereby becoming better professionals themselves.

Marc Tomassen(Manager Online)