Fashion Cloud

Hands-on growth strategy

Development of a strategic direction for a fashion marketplace.

The challenge

Fashion Cloud is a digital platform where brands can automatically share their marketing materials (such as images and product specifications) with all their connected retailers. Retailers can also directly (re)order products.

By standardizing and automating this process, Fashion Cloud reduces the time brands spend on communicating with retailers. Fashion Cloud has asked us to help develop a strategic direction for their marketplace.

The approach

We assisted Fashion Cloud in further shaping their Growth Strategy by analyzing the platform, data, competition, and market. In addition, we took the lead on several strategic projects that were difficult to manage internally, such as projects related to Marketing Automation, CRM/Data infrastructure, and Pricing.


The efforts have led to a clear strategy that provided direction and focus for the commercial development of the platform and the sales and marketing activities.

What we appreciate about working with Turntwo is that they are not a typical (advisory) agency, but are truly capable of shaping the strategy and then translating it into operations.

There is a lot of substantive knowledge available from strategic to operational level. The knowledge is hands-on and directly applicable to us. They understand our organization well, constantly think along with us, take responsibility for results, and also use their own network to provide extra support where and when needed.

We are very happy with our collaboration so far and look forward to continuing it.

David Schaap(Co-founder)