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Ready for international growth

  • The foundation for omni-channel personalization
  • Unlocking new lead and customer flows
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings
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    The challenge

    New York Pizza has the ambition to conquer Europe. To achieve this, it is necessary to integrate the existing marketing technology and data infrastructure. Also getting people up to speed with the (new) systems and possibilities, so that the marketing machine is ready for growth and can generate maximum business value.

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    The approach

    After analyzing and mapping out the current processes (through interviews with various stakeholders), a plan of action was created with actionable recommendations. We support the implementation by aligning all stakeholders and acting as a sounding board for the organization.

    By optimizing processes, utilizing technology more effectively, and providing training for employees (and ensuring knowledge is embedded within the organization), we were able to achieve quick and efficient results.

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    By aligning processes, knowledge, and implementing a Marketing Data Hub (Google Cloud) and a new CDP (Bloomreach), New York Pizza is now able to communicate more quickly, relevantly, and efficiently, facilitating smarter and more efficient international growth.

Applied solutions

Marketing Automation

Personalized, data-driven and effictive communication with customers and leads at scale.

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

Orchestrate customer experiences over all channels.

360° Customer View

A single source of truth for your customer data and a solid base for marketing activation.

Marketing Intelligence Hub

Integrate all first-party data, powering insights and activation.
Google Cloud Platform, a cloud computing platform where we specialize in the data and analytics products.
Connecting the dots between all the marketing and ad focused Google products.
Microsoft's robust and flexible cloud computing platform, where we focus on data and analytics services.

It's great working with Turntwo! They are true professionals who understand the language of specialists and strategists, and are therefore able to add value in all areas. Turntwo helped us take the next step in the maturity of digital marketing, and played a crucial role in the analysis and implementation. And our specialists can continue to learn from them - highly recommended!

Jorn Vriend(Manager e-commerce & online)