Finding international synergy

Marketing Technology alignment across the 5 different countries of the Postcode Lottery.

The challenge

Novamedia (United Postcode Lotteries) has the ambition to increase collaboration among its various international lotteries. One of the initiatives was to merge marketing processes and technologies. Turntwo was tasked with guiding and successfully implementing this initiative."

The approach

Together with Novamedia, we started the alignment of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) across the 5 different countries. For this, we developed a program in which an internationally composed working group tackled different areas of CRO (organization, processes, and technology). We developed a uniform approach to CRO in which processes, results, and knowledge can now be easily shared internationally. We also merged technologies and provided support in the (technical) development of various proof-of-concepts.


After the successful alignment, the international lotteries are now able to conduct experiments more quickly and easily, taking into account the situation in the different countries. Teams are now working together more effectively, and an international database has been implemented in which both knowledge and expertise can be shared.

Turntwo supports us in aligning our MarTech infrastructure on both the technical and organizational side across all countries where we are active. They have developed a methodology and created a customized program for us that they implement together with our teams in the various countries.

What I appreciate about working with Turntwo is that they not only have organizational knowledge but also a lot of substantive knowledge, a down-to-earth perspective, establish a good rhythm, and are good at proactively anticipating changes.

Throughout the entire process, Turntwo has been a valuable and involved partner for us, and we are convinced that together we are building a MarTech infrastructure from which we will reap the benefits for a long time to come.

Kim Geurtz(Head of New Business)

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